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Market Research Services

Market research services

On every R&D project, TWI Hellas skillfully employs market research and competency mapping – to increase the chances of new product success and reduce associated risk – via expert support and financing options for technology-enabled products.  Services include:

  • Extensive market analysis, based on identification of user needs, to inform the product development process
  • In-depth investigation of unexploited markets to discover ‘blue oceans’ opportunities where your existing products can have a competitive advantage, and to identify previously overlooked consumer needs that could be suitable for niche technological innovation
  • Competitor analysis, patent landscaping and intellectual property (IP) mapping to ‘white space’ where your products could claim a bigger market share and eventual return on investment without unexpected risk or conflicts
  • Following the research phase, development of a new product roadmap and setting out of future steps, with decisions based on a targeted strategy to ensure optimal results, bringing the right skills at the right time