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Product Development Services

Product development services

The TWI Hellas team takes a 360 approach that offers a wide range of product development services, starting with the users’ needs and working backwards to identify and integrate the right technology stack. Services include:

  • Conceptualisation to generate new product ideas that answer a need in the market and offer  substantial commercial value for your business
  • Collaborative evaluation, quantification and prioritisation of the ideas with the best commercial potential for your business, including the creation of a product vision, crystallisation of the product, and highlighting of gaps or risks in the upcoming development phase
  • Parallel guidance on protecting, managing, exploiting, and leveraging your current market position or intellectual property, thereby protecting your assets' uniqueness, securing your market competitiveness, and creating new revenue streams through solution and market development
  • Business planning and future-proofing, including ways to solve existing problems, define requirements and strategise carefully to mitigate potential upcoming issues