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TWI Innovation Network: unifying industry collaboration

TWI Innovation Network: unifying industry collaboration

TWI Hellas is part of the TWI Innovation Network (TWIIN), an international innovation ecosystem comprising centres, programmes and services designed to assist industry and academic partners with innovation acceleration and business improvement.  TWI Hellas works closely with TWIIN, its extensive network of partners and TWI Industrial Members, to support companies and organisations of different sizes with technology innovation.

TWIIN centres and programmes

  • The National Structural Integrity Research Centre (NSIRC) – postgraduate engineering facility offering structural integrity related PhDs and MScs to advance fundamental research with real world applications in industry
  • Innovation Centres – partnerships between leading universities and TWI, each based on a different sector or technology area, which undertake collaborative R&D spanning TRLs 4-6
  • Technology Acceleration Programmes (TAPs) – created for SME Members to help develop and enhance their businesses, who can also take out a TWIIN subscription to access more in-depth support
  • Private Technology Innovation Partnerships (PTIPs) – partnerships between international or multi-national companies or organisations and TWI to undertake R&D with academia, RTOs, industry operators and supply chains, spanning TRLs 4-9
  • Collaborative Innovation Partnerships (CIPs) – partnerships between large enterprises in the UK and internationally with TWI to undertake collaborative R&D across TRLs 3-7
  • European Innovation Centres (EICs) – partnerships between RTOs, such as university industrial centres and research institutions and TWI, to undertake collaborative R&D at TRLs 3-6

Tailored innovation support

The Technology Innovation Management (TIM) team assists SMEs and university partners with accessing public funding to turn new technology concepts into collaborative projects.  Since 2008, the TIM team has been instrumental in securing around 445 projects via public funding, to the value of circa £513 million, involving over 1,000 individual partner organisations across the UK and Europe.

Innovation Consultancy Services (ICS) provides tailored support to unlock business opportunities and new market entry.  Deliverables include technology road mapping, product innovation, trends analysis and future focus development.

The TWIIN Subscription model offers companies a cost-effective way to benefit from TWI’s extensive experience of industrial innovation going back over 50 years, optimising supply chain performance and meeting industry demand for new products, systems and services.