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Our projects

TWI Hellas is committed to working with entrepreneurial European SMEs to help them bid for collaborative public funding that could support turning technology concepts into viable projects.  As part of the process, TWI Hellas liaises closely with TWI’s Technology Innovation Management (TIM) team of specialist personnel who focus on securing public funded projects in engineering research and innovation.

The TIM team works closely with TWI’s technical experts, Industrial Members, external partners, Innovation Centres and wider TWI Innovation Network to develop concepts, build consortiums and produce quality proposals.  TWI Hellas brings the deep-tech perspective to this to ensure a suitable fit between the core technology concept and TWI Hellas’ experience in commercialising industrial artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced robotic systems.

In today’s fast paced, technology and data rich environment, old approaches to product development can fall short.  Hence working collaboratively is proven to be a successful way in which to innovate and bring forward new disruptive technologies.