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Solid, rapid and efficient adoption of data, artificial intelligence and robotics applications in production

SoliDAIR is a collaboration of ten experts in manufacturing, technology and research aiming to accelerate the use of artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics in European manufacturing by utilising data.  The project aims to co-develop and demonstrate customised solutions for digitalising and automating visual inspection and physical testing, enabling predictive quality control and process optimisation.  AI and robotics systems are not widely used in the production industry due to concerns about their safety and reliability.  The SoliDAIR project addresses this issue by researching, developing and testing robust and trustworthy methods while also being cost-effective for adoption by European industry.  Research and technology providers will develop new methods and tools that leverage current state of the art in visual AI, AI for process data, and smart and collaborative robotics.

The developed technologies will be applied and demonstrated in four industry use cases to prove their functionality and applicability in real production environments.  The objective is to enhance production processes through digitalised and automated quality control for high volume, high rate and flexible manufacturing.  The use cases are led by established, European manufacturing companies and address common industry challenges.  Solving these will improve process efficiency and flexibility, as well as enhance the working conditions of process staff.  The developed methods are intended to be easily adaptable and replicable, allowing them to be applied to new use cases outside the consortium.  It is anticipated that by accelerating adoption of AI and robotics solutions, tools and methods, the competitiveness and sustainability of EU manufacturing companies will be significantly enhanced.  TWI Hellas is entrusted with the crucial tasks of demonstration, evaluation and optimisation of the use cases, ensuring practical application and effectiveness of the developed solutions.

Partners: Brose Fahrzeugteile Gmbh & Co. KG Bamberg, KG Rastatt and KG Coburg, Fundación CIE I+D+i, Bosch Sanayi ve Ticaret AS, Autforce, Siemens Industry Software, UG Systems, Virtual Vehicle, I2M and TWI Hellas.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme.